Vegan and Ethical Principles

We support businesses and artists with ethical principles. This includes those who raise awareness and funds for animal welfare, and promote vegan and cruelty free products.

My own hand crafted jewellery  is stocked in the Phoenix Plant Based Eatery in St Helens where all food is 100% vegan. The Eatery sponsor and raise funds for their chosen Donkey Sanctuary and also support many local small businesses and initiatives such as My own jewellery can also be found in raffle donations to groups such as Howls For Help. My necklace cords are fabric and do not use bees wax.

Lisa Parker and Nemesis Now support the Soi Dog Foundation and The UK wolf Conservation trust. Lisa says:

"I recently visited the wolf conservation trust to sponsor a wolf and gather reference for my new artworks. Its important to study the movement and mannerisms to get the artworks right. The Wolf conservation trust raises money for wolf conservation projects around the world. They raise money by open days, sponsorship and various activities."

Peter Stone supports and promotes a green company mindset and most importantly, action-set.
"We work on and share the same sentiments and consciousness towards the sea.
As much as anything, we all want to act positively in as many areas as we are able.
We are here to make a point all for us, our children, and the world.
FOR OUR OCEANS. This Giving Tuesday, Peter Stone donates 5% of our net sales for Sea Shepherd’s campaign.
Sea Shepherd has been patrolling the high seas and enforcing conversation law worldwide for over 40 years.  Making a difference.
With everyone’s help, they have saved countless lives of dolphins, seals, whales, fish, and more!
Like the oceans, each of us is connected with one other. 
The sea impacts every aspect of our lives, whether we realize this or not. 
We mainly live because of the sea – our dreams and hopes are created and strengthened by the sea.
While everyone’s working hard to address the constant threats to our ocean, let’s do what we can.
In our own little and even big ways. 
Slowly…but surely.  Awareness is key. Action is critical.
We need you. Each of us doing our part daily makes a world of difference.
Peter Stone wants to be an instrument of change because we care. 
We can do so much together for ourselves, our children’s future, and the world! 
The more you learn about the overwhelming issues our ocean is facing, the more you want to help. 
Let’s make a difference! Together.
NOW.  Our Action is the Key to an upward spiral of positive change.
Spread the word. A significant cause for the ocean and the world.

Selina Fenech makes monthly donations to Oxfam and Amnesty International. 

My customers can get a discount for this website by applying a code which we offer in association with

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